PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri, Ltd
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PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri, Ltd


Indonesia, Banten, Tangerang, 15326, Jl.Jelupang Raya No.9 RT008/03 Kp.Kejaren, Jelupang, Serpong Utara


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Company PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri, Ltd

We are a mechanical-electrical contractor who play in government and private sector. Beside this, we are also supplier for mechanical and electrical project execution. We will support your project with high quality materials and parts with moderate prices, and excellent services of course.
We deliver products and services on:

- Low volatage distribution equipment (panel and cable)
- Medium Voltage equipement (cubicle, power transformer)
- Power generation (low and high speed diesel engine)
- Grounding system
- Lighting system
- Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and Voltage Stabilizer
- Special equipment for hazardous areas


A complete range of products and services PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri, Ltd. All information about PT. Zanofa Energi Mandiri, Ltd in Tangerang (Indonesia).